Private Coaching

Book Dr. Doss for onsite coaching!

Our three step approach to Private Coaching is simple and effective: 

1.  Planning Meeting

Conducted via video conference, you will work with Dr. Doss to formulate a plan of action and set goals for your in-person visit. She will request information about your practice such as KPIs and sales numbers so she is prepared to make personalized recommendations and makes the most of your time together.

2.  2-Day On-Site Private Coaching

Dr. Doss will come to your office and spend 2 days taking a deep dive into your practice. The planning meeting sets the groundwork, but the time is completely customized to your needs at the time. She will share relevant paperwork, procedures and protocols, and all of her secrets to success! Topics may include human resources, sales and sales training, staff training, physician marketing, business development, branding, and much more!

3.  Follow Up for Accountability 

Immediately following your private coaching, Dr. Doss will send an email reviewing the plan of action and outlining steps for executing the plan effectively.  You will also receive a 6 week follow up video conference and unlimited emails with Dr. Doss for 6 months!

Private Coaching: $4000 plus expenses

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