Consulting Services

Business Consulting 

Do you want to take your practice to the next level, but don’t know where to start?  Sign up for a customized consulting session with Dr. Doss and watch your practice grow.  Our three step approach to consulting is simple and effective: 

1.  Initial Inquiry

This allows Dr. Doss to plan and customize your session to make the best use of your time together.  She conducts independent research about your area of concern, desired market and demographic.  

2.  1- Hour Consultation 

Conducted via video conference, Dr. Doss will listen, advise, and formulate a plan of action to help grow your practice.

3.  Follow Up for Accountability 

Immediately following and 1-month after your consultation, Dr. Doss will send an email reviewing the plan of action and outlining steps for executing the plan effectively.  

Physician Marketing 

This highly effective marketing strategy is often attempted, but very rarely mastered.  Dr. Doss’ practice averages 175 physician referrals a month and she spends less than half of the industry average on advertising due to her steady stream of patients.  Learn from the expert by signing up with Doss Audiology Consulting!

Consulting Services are $250 per hour.
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